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Here Are Some Pictures From

My Trip to Guam and Japan

in Support of our Troops Overseas.


USO-LogoI consider it a great honor to have had the opportunity to serve our fine troops who are serving us by protecting our freedom.  Since the trip, I have been asked to entertain the Chairman of the Joints Chiefs Gen. Dick Myers at his golf tournament as well as been offered the opportunity to meet the injured troops at Walter Reed.  We held a golf clinic for amputees from Walter Reed and it was a great experience for me.  They never whined or complained about their sacrifice.  We are a very lucky nation to have such brave and courageous men & women to protect our freedom.  God Bless ALL Our Troops Everywhere!


This was after a clinic for juniors held in Guam.  We video taped the golf swing of every junior there and we played them back in slow motion.  Some of the students were locals, some of them children of military personnel.  As you can see the kids loved it, so did I!

Golf-Lessons-for-Troops-Military -personnel




In Japan some of our troops getting a swing analysis.  We did over 831 swing analysis during the entire two week trip!  There was smoke coming out of the computer on the way back!  I'm glad I brought the lap top.  It was a big hit among the troops.




This was the show in Misawa Japan.  Man it's still cold up there! This was a short stop but a great one. The Brigadier General gave me a medal!  Wow a Cuban with a medal!  My wife still wants me to take out the garbage though.  She just doesn't get it!




The lower right picture is of the show in Guam.  Guam is a floating sauna!!  Only a Cuban with seven generations of banana pickers could stand that weather.  The people were great and God Bless our troops that are stationed there protecting our freedom.








I got a chance to be on Armed Forced Radio a few times during the trip.  What do you think, a Cuban Bob Hope!  Nah, not even close.  Just another lucky "wet back" because of all the great opportunities the United Sates offers everyone!




Now this guy had guts!  With nothing but a slipper and sock between my five wood and the ball, man!  Good thing he held still or it would of hurt like ouch!!!!!!!!!!!



Below are some of the coins I've been honored to receive along the way.  I am very honored to receive a coin.  To read the significance of the military coin and how it got started just click on the link. The story behind the Military Coin






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