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Golf Lesson Reviews Testimonials

How many times have you seen those testimonials that are a comment like, "this is the greatest thing I've ever done" George, Topeka Kansas. 

Those types of testimonials are pretty hard to believe.  I take our testimonials very seriously. Our testimonials are in the students own hand writing.  They received no incentives or compensation for their testimonial.  We have more testimonials on file.

Testimonials on Video


Greg Chalker - Starting to hit the ball a long ways

Sri Ghanta – Sri was so impressive in his improvement that we featured him on our Blog

Cecilia Crouch - Cecilia improved her alignment by closing one eye! 

Eric Thompson - Eric Thompson makes significant improvements in his golf game!

Bill Wagner beats his age, shoots a "71"

Alicia Owsiak

Alex Owsiak

Bill Wagner

Gene Wakkuri

Tom Will

Todd Holloway

Steve Tissiere

Johnny Chavis - "The Marine!"

James Van Splunder - "Senior Chief!"

Jason Parker

In their own handwriting:

Clyde Johnson - It's been fun and rewarding!

Arron Bowles - I lowered my handicap from a 20 to a 13!
Margit Connelly - I just shot a 76!
Peter Sierlicki - I can hit a 7 iron where I used to use a 5iron!
George Misok - I've gained 40 - 60 yards on my tee shots!
John Hall - One of the smartest things I've done!
Bill Tatu - I'm playing my best golf in twenty years!

Patrick Mooney - I went from an 18 handicap to an eight!

Ken Hanks - It feels much better to hit a golf ball now!

Stuart Hall - You changed my golf swing forever!

Woody Mather - My game has improved beyond my expectations!

Richard Caldwell - Thirty five years of bad habits eliminated!

David Hill - I'm planning to break 80!

Van Wilkins - No more lost balls in the rough!

Mike Shelby - I wish I would have learned the right way first!

Sean Schaefer - In only three lessons the improvement in my game was dramatic!

Virginian Pilot Article

General Dick Myers - Pentagon

USO Walter Reed Hospital

Virgina State Golf Association Magazine

Virginia Beach Sports Club

Virginia Beach Neptune Festival


Emails we've received and we have a whole lot more!


My name is Gary Palis and I am an owner of V1 Digital Coaching systems.  We do golf analysis and are a partner with the PGA of America and have over 3,000 coaches using the technology.   I want to let you know the Bobby Lopez is right on with the use of technology and promoting the use of technology to increase lesson business and activity.  Also, the quality of his lessons are a model to use.  In fact, I use some of his lessons when we are doing seminars and presentations on “Teaching with Technology” because they are good.  This may sound like a strong reference because it is.  I would not write these unless I believed it and we have worked with many, many instructors so I have a  very good base to compare with.   Please contact me anytime by phone or email.

Gary Palis, Vice-President

Hey Bobby!

Just a quick note to say how much Jack and I loved our lessons!  We got our cd’s and I laughed at mine out loud!  Gee to watch me swing, Im such a whimp BUT:  I did see my self falling away from the ball and have kept the mental image.  Jack and I have not played yet this year, but as the weather is getting better I am sure we will.

I also learned that Jack’s son Doug Wills took lessons from you too!  We all shared how cool you were and how much we learned.  I am sure Jack and I will see you sometime this year!

Hope all is well with you,

God Bless

Leslie Wills

Shot 94 Saturday down from my average 101, but I am still working on swinging as you taught me. Saturday I was able to hit more fairways and greens.

Thanks for working with us.

Ed Lemon

You are a great bunch of guys. I really enjoy being around the range. You keep the program from becoming boring and I have a lot of fun learning. Thanks Dave

Hi, I once took some lessons from you, way back when you were on Holland Rd. I just visited your website and clicked around.  I thought I’d give you an update. My game leveled off in the mid 80’s and I just sort of let it go. Last spring (05) I decided to take a few lessons to brush up on some things and hopefully regain that edge and possibly break 80. I took lessons from several different people, but none seemed to take a personal interest in seeing me get better for the long term. Oh some captured my swing on the computer and showed me what I was doing wrong and then told me what to change. But they never told me HOW to change. Sure I know I am supposed to bring the club down on plane that is slighty inside to out. But HOW do I achieve it.

Then I found my old instruction book, complete with VHS tape (boy does that date me) and decided to see what I possibly had forgotten. Well, something “clicked” and soon I was back on track. This past summer I posted several scores below 80 and had many 9 holes rounds that broke 40.

Anyway, I’m looking for a winter program. One that will not only help maintain my swing, but possibly improve it some more. What do you recommend?
Thanks for everything
David Hill

I heard your ad on WNIS several months ago and had a free video analysis and intro lesson from you. I was a single digit handicapper before going in and I was looking for help with consistency and distance. After the one lesson and with practice, I finally broke par twice within 1 week. I am regularly shooting in the low to mid 70’s now and I’m enjoying golf like never before.

My wife and I are celebrating our 25 th wedding anniversary. She started playing golf about 10 years ago and has a decent swing but lacks consistency and needs instructions – AS DO I. We’d like to sign up for the program you wrote down for me – Chris



Just wanted to say thanks for a great time this past Saturday!!! Tons of good advice and of course, just a fun time for all.

Keep up the good work!!!

See ya, Scott and Diane Kincaid

Yes I got in. I really enjoy watching you break down golf swings! I actually have started working on my own swing just by learning the fundamentals on your website. Looks like my major problem seems to be a little over the top move and I get my hands above the plane on the downswing. I’m playing OK, I’m about a 7 right now, but I used to be a lot better. Had a 3 quarter swing and used to kill it, then my college golf coach talked me in to legnthing my swing and things haven’t been right since. I can’t wait to get started working with you!

Jamie Fielden –  The “Birdie Machine”


Many thanks. I really enjoyed it and appreciate the visual imagery as I tend to think that way.  I’m not sure my body will listen to my brain, but I’ll work the practice to get it to do so.  I’m thinking giving a lesson to my son for his birthday, although he won’t be able to take advantage of it until he comes back from college in May.

BTW, here’s a video from CNN this weekend that describes some of the work we do in supporting the Navy and others in ports like DP World (this video is our operation in Jebel Ali).  Glad to hear we are getting an A+ in the Middle East from the Navy!

Mike & Sue Carlson

Hi Bobby

A quick word of thanks.

I have been working for years (under many pros) to eliminate a scooping after impact.  I can hit the ball fairly far for a 12.5 factor.  Average drive of 250 yards.  However, when things go bad they go very bad.  One day I could shoot an 85 at my home course Glen Abbey and then the next I would shoot 100.  Frustrating indeed.  On the V1 Monitor pros have diagnosed a “flipping action.”  After many drills, swing breakdowns, swinging out, turn right hand under and a change from the left to right side I was unable to get rid of the scoop.

This winter I brought my video camera in the basement and began a process of self diagnosis.  The following were my conclusions:

1)       I need to keep my left arm straight all the way through otherwise the flip was worse; and

2)       I need to avoid a reverse pivot.

At a slow speed these two points got rid of the flip but now my right palm was pointed to the sky. If I went to more than 60% effort it all broke down again.  Enter Bobby Lopez and his right palm left drill.  The words you said that I had not heard before were “start rolling the arms on the right side (downside) well before impact.”  I started to experiment with this and concluded the left arm needs to stay straight (not rigid) and needs to act as a rolling post (turning counter clockwise as I look down at my hand).  I am now deliberately turning the left arm (right arm passive) and I seem to be getting into a perfect position post impact similar to Ernie Els (he will probably still have one or two yards on me though).  I think of the left arm turning as if turning a door knob (no side-to-side wrist movement).

In any event, the snow is flying here and I have much time to work on this.  I now have something different to work on and my exasperation has ended!  Great work!!!!


Charles Abraham


Bobby,   I just wanted to take time to Thank you for all the help in improving my golf game.  I was a steady 90s shooter, and before a good day for me was breaking 90.  Well I shot a 79 yesterday, and I know it wouldn’t have been possible without you guys.    I first started taking lessons with you a couple of years ago, but I never really stuck to the fundamentals preached by you and Eddie.  I always seemed to revert back to my old tendencies.  After much frustration, I finally admitted to myself that I needed help.  That’s when I signed up for the 2 private lessons and 30 day workshop package.  I’ve practiced religiously since then and finally achieved something I didn’t really think was all that possible.    So for all those who are like me, who think they can figure out there problems on their own, get a lesson.  Believe me, in the long run you’ll save time & money.   Thanks again guys!  Joe Cardyn III








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