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Below are links to sample golf lessons for different swing faults. 

First I analyze golf swings of several PGA touring pros so you can see even THEY have golf swing faults.  Not a problem!  Learn what golf swing faults you need to fix and what golf swing faults you can keep under control. 


I won't teach you to totally rebuild your golf swing.  It's easier to fix YOUR golf swing than for you to learn a new one!  Let's work with what you got and get you back on the golf course having a good time. 

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See A Sample Lesson with Teaching Philosophy

PGA Touring Pro Analysis - Check back often because I add more analaysis on a regular basis.

Bobby Lopez - This is the first in a series of videos I will do with my progress during the rebuilding of my own swing during the winter of 2011.

Vijay Singh - Here's Vijay doing a stick drill that is good for folks who have a tendency to swing inside the proper path.

David Toms - David Toms doing a stick drill for hip turn

Darren Clark - British Open Winner 2011

Rory McIlroy - Analysis of McIlroy's down swing

Tiger Woods - Analysis of Tigers Wood's golf swing

  before and after making improvements with Butch Harmon

Phil Mickelson - Analysis of Phil Mickelson's golf swing.  Notice

  his left hand comes off the golf club after impact similar to Vijay Singh

Arnold Palmer - Let's look at the old man and see if he really has as bad a  

  swing as so many claim.

Hale Irwin - Analysis of Hale Irwin, bad backswing...great downswing!

Jim Furyk - Jim Furyk has a great golf swing!  This will make you dizzy.

Ernie Els - Notice how well Ernie Els rotates his forearms through the 

  impact zone in his golf swing.

Sergio Garcia - Sergio Garcia is a great example of how you need to drop

  your arms down first on the downswing, NOT spin the shoulders.

Lady Pro - Siew - Notice how she drives here weight to her front foot causing

  her to have to roll her hands quickly on the down swing to save a bail out to

  the right.

Lady Pro - Paula Creamer - See how she leans into the shot a little causing 

  her to stand up a little at impact.

Bernhard Langer - See how Bernhard Langer's head goes backwards on the

  downswing!  Bernhard also leads with the back of his left hand because of

  the strong left hand grip he has.

BEN HOGAN - There ain't nothing new!  Ben Hogan's swing is the same as

Fuzzy Fuzzy Zoeller - Fuzzy is a great example of a body turning method

  for swinging a golf club.

Justin Rose - British player with a "we bit" of a hip problem and a little shut

  at the top but not bad.

Bubba Watson - High steep wide arc for long and high drives.

Tom Lehman - Notice how well he uses is right leg and turns "under" on the


Sammy Snead - Let's compare Sam to the younger players of today.

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Typical Swing Fault Analysis - Check back often because I add more analaysis on a regular basis.

Proper Example - PGA Tour Player Grant Waite 

Improving Right Shoulder Tilt - Lesson with Clyde Johnson

Bad Set-Up - You have to start from the right position

Chest Swinger - The arms MUST move quicker than the body

Hands High At Address - Common set-up problem

Place Head Behind the Ball - The club starts at your front shoulder!

Underneath the Plane Takeaway - Difficult to recover from.

Example of How You Can Revert Back After Improving - Maintenance!

Sample Analysis for Pain   - This is a sample lesson for a golfer who was   

  experiencing severe pain in his elbow and back.

Palm Up, Scooping - Usually goes with "Over the Top"

Over the Top Swing - Starting your downswing with your shoulders

Sliding with Your Front Hip - Could make you reversed pivoted.

Only the Downswing Counts - The path to the ball will determine direction

90 Degree Spine Angle - Mandatory for a proper address set-up

Beginner Lady - How quickly one can improve if you don't get too technical

Open and Steep to the Plane - The most common fault I see.

Getting Your Shoulder Behind the Ball - The second most common fault

Reverse Pivot - The third most common fault...maybe it's tied for second with the shoulders...the problems are related.

Developing Lag or Angular Acceleration - What you need to have for





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