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Richmond's BEST Golf Club Fitting Session


Buying golf clubs off the rack is nothing more than a crap shoot!  You first need to know how you swing the golf club and what configuration will compliment your golf swing.  In essence you do NOT get to pick your golf clubs....your swing does!


You also need to "see" the improved results with live ball flight outdoors before making a purchase.  That's why being properly fitted for golf clubs is so valuable and in our case does not cost you any more than if you bought a set of golf clubs off a golf warehouse site on line. I will match The Golf Warehouse pricing GUARANTEED! Here's their website.

What makes our fitting session better than the rest is the fact that we first analyze your golf swing.  Why fit the wrong swing?  Maybe a minor adjustment of your golf swing is in order before completing the club fit.  Lets make sure you purchase the golf club configuration that "rewards you" when you make your BEST motion.  Our teaching skills allow you to take advantage of our expertise in making the right choice.

Official-Callaway-Golf-Clubs-Representative-FitterHere are the golf club support offers we have for you.  Remember FREE SHIPPING!

» To see the entire line of

Callaway Golf Clubs with Prices Click here.


Get these two Special Reports FREE!

» "Seven Things You Should Ask Before Buying Golf Clubs"

» "Are Your Golf Clubs Your Ally, Or Your Worst Enemy?"

»  List to my interview with Callaway Rep R D Dintaman.

» Used Golf Clubs Re-Shaft or Re-Build Your Golf Clubs - Rebuilding your existing set is an excellent choice.  We can make your existing set fit you properly for shaft flex, length, weight and grip size.  In some cases we can send your favorite set of club heads off to be completely restored so your entire set will look and feel like new for a lot less than the cost of a new set.  For more on re-building your existing set go here.

» Junior Golf Clubs - Very unique concept.  Golf clubs get longer as your child grows!

» Click here if your interested in minor adjustments like lie angles and Re-gripping or just general club repair - In some cases the only thing wrong with your golf clubs is the lie angle of the golf club.  In that case you're looking a very low investment with very BIG returns.  You can learn more about the lie angle on your golf club and how it effects you swing by getting my FREE Special Report.  "Seven Things You Should Ask Before Buying Golf Clubs"


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