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Richmond Virginia's First and Best Golf Lessons

with High Tech Slow Motion Video Analysis


I'm Bobby Lopez, PGA Golf Professional and former European Touring Pro, teaching golf in Richmond Virginia since 1990. Our Richmond location is 12586 Patterson Ave just east of 288. In Myrtle beach we're at Tupelo Bay Golf Center.  Lessons good at either location.

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We provide sensible golf instruction for amateur and professional golfers that is effective and truthful!  More importantly, instruction that is personalized to YOUR needs and abilities.  No two golf swings are exactly alike.  Some have similarities, but never exactly alike.  With that in mind, why would you want to learn a one size fits all swing method? 

How many "golf swing theories" or "magical methods" have you been offered before?  I've seen so many come and go in my life time that I can't even begin to enumerate them


We have over four (4) million views of our drills on Youtube and over 7,200 subscribers! 
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The true talent in golf instruction is the ability to determine the one or two movements in someone's golf swing that are causing 90% of their trouble.  Major swing faults cause a domino effect. You MUST find the core swing fault in order to reverse the domino effect and alleviate the related swing faults attributed to the core swing fault.  In simple terms, find the one rotten apple to save the rest of the bunch.

Our swing drills for repositioning your swing fault work.  We've spent over 48 years of trial and error until we found the exact formula that has helped amateurs and pros alike.


Richmond Virginia's First and Best Golf Lessons with High Tech Video Analysis. The golf lesson consists of a 45 minute session of ball striking and digital video taping and a sit down analysis.  We excel in helping you set realistic goals while applying a step by step plan for success.  Special golf drills are assigned that are specific to your golf swing needs. 

What’s different about our golf lessons is our golf teaching philosophy which will help YOU improve your golf game in the least amount of time and effort.  It's so much easier to fix your golf swing than to teach you a hole new method.  Very similar to how Butch
Harmon teaches golf.  


How does our teaching philosophy help you?  Here's how......

First: We will help you get to know your golf swing.  This is vitally important.  Before attempting to force feed you a new swing method or philosophy, let's better understand how you currently swing the golf club.  Maybe we can assign some drills that will help you maintain your current golf swing under control for better consistency.

Second: If there are issues that need to be seriously addressed, lets enumerate them.  We would like to help you understand how your current swing is effecting your ability to enjoy this great game, and explain to you exactly what it is going to take to make the transition, (if you need it at all) and how long it will take you to make the improvements. What is the end benefit of the improvements?

Third: Let us teach you how to apply your drills properly, (what we call medication) that will calm down your swing faults and keep them somewhat under control.  Trust me, you're never're in remission!  Once you know what drills to apply for YOUR swing, you will need to maintain usage of those drills to maintain your swing consistency. 

Your golf swing will always be a constant work in progress, but with our system, you will know what drills apply to your needs, how to apply them to your golf swing, which drills to consider when your initial drills seem to stop working for you, and so on.




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