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What you need is a longer driver.....El Palo Grande!  You can't just make it longer. You have to balance it our properly.  I have tried and experimented and researched with experts in the field.  Now I can offer you the same advantage I now have off the tee.  Longer Drives with the Palo Grande!

A personal fitting with our launch monitor will determine which configuration would be best for you.  It might be 47" or 48" long, 9.5 loft maybe 10.5 loft with stiff, regular or senior shaft.  Once you hit your new Palo Grande driver you and your friends will be saying "Hay hay hay"

Take a look at these two videos below.






Best of all we can prove our Palo Grande is adding distance with our snazzy new launch monitor.

golf-launch-monitorToday's technology allows us to dial in the exact golf club configuration that offers you the best performance.  We can measure club head speed, ball speed, ball rotation or spin, landing distance and more.

We will be able to determine the right length, loft and shaft flex that adds the most distance.

Plus being we offer live ball flight, you can see the ball travel higher and further or I'll give you your money back right on the spot!

That's right, buy a Palo Grande for Christmas in the form of a gift certificate.  Come on out any time after that for a private fitting FREE and if the new Palo Grande does not hit it past your current driver you get your money back right on the spot and no charge for the fitting lesson.


Fittings are available at both locations:
Pendleton Golf Club - Lady Smith
Patterson Golf Park - Richmond





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